If you have already participated in the project

Every year we save the data of all our participants, so that to take part in this event once again, just enter your personal cabinet and confirm your participation.
If during the year you have forgotten your password, we can remind password.




It`s very simple - register your e-mail address on the appointed day and get the address of a random person who is also involved in the project. In turn, your address is sent to someone else, just the same - at random. Then go to the post office and send prepared gift to the given address. It might be absolutely of any kind. Learning to give not only gifts, but also good mood!

Step 1


Register your email. Confirm registration by receiving email and double-check your email address in the personal profile.
Step 2
Get address


Shortly after the registration and verification of your address, you randomly get address of the person for whom this year you will be Secret Santa.
Step 3
Sending gift


Send prepared gift to the given address. It is not necessary to make expensive gifts! We give each other a good mood, so the attention is important, not the price. Though to get expensive gifts is twice as nice ;)
Step 4
Receiving gifts


When you receive your gift, go back to us and share your photos and your impressions. We are really interested!

A few words about the project

What is secret santa


This project is about a good mood!

Everyone can become Secret Santa, regardless of age and residence. This event has always been and will be free. The basic idea is that once a year all interested register their post addresses in our system, and after a while we mix all the addresses and everyone gets a random address to which he is obliged to send any, even a purely symbolic gift. We are getting together not from a desire to get a free gift, rather we learn to give. To give not only gifts, but also a good mood to completely unknown people.




  • 2013

  • 5400 participants
  • countries 48
  • 2014

  • 12054 participants
  • countries 59
  • 2015

  • 10249 participants
  • countries 64
  • 2016

  • 14524 participants
  • countries 76
  • 2017

  • 18532 participants
  • countries 80

About us

Secret Santa project was first organized in 2012. The idea of this event does not belong to the authors of the project - such events are held annually all over the world. This project is organized and supported by Yury Boichuk, but in different years many people helped to develop this site and the event itself.

Support us

This is a non commercial project and is based exclusively on personal enthusiasm, so we will gladly accept any financial support from you that will be spent on the domain expenses, development, support and maintenance of the website.

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