The whole event is held entirely on good faith of its participants.

How to participate?
To take part in the annual international event Secret Santa or Anonymous Santa Claus you have to register. If you have previously participated in our project, your account has remained in our system and you only need to enter your profile and confirm your participation. If you can not remember your password, you can use password recovery.
When will I get the address where to send my gift?
After logging into your profile you will see information about when the distribution of addresses is going to take place. If the distribution has already been done and you have met all conditions for participation in the project - you will be shown the address where to send a gift.
I think the address is wrong, what should I do?
The address does not necessarily have to have an apartment number - it may be a private house. It also happens that there may be a concierge in the public house who accepts the mail.

But if you are still sure there is something wrong with the address, you can: 1) contact the participant by e-mail (it is listed where the address) 2) text him (phone number is still there)
I haven't received a gift, what should I do?
Unfortunately, the organisers can not guarantee the honesty of all participants of the project. Therefore please bear in mind that some participants may not receive anything. Every year we try improve control and organisation of the whole process, however the outcome still depends on the honesty of the participants. Also do not forget about incorrectly indicated addresses, which is also a fairly common problem. Anyways, we urge to have fun not just from receiving, but also from the possibility to share nice things with complete stranger. It is worth mentioning that the organiser of the project was sending gifts for four years in a row, but never received anything in return :)
No one answers my messages.
Every year during the event we receive hundreds of letters from project participants. We try to respond to all requests whenever possible. Those who haven't received any reply - we ask for your patience and understanding - we have thousands of you and only one organiser.
How can I help?
We are constantly trying to improve and develop our project, so any help is highly appreciated. For example, we have a great desire to translate our page into all possible languages in order to increase the number of participants all over the world. We are also happy to accept any financial support. If you wish to participate in the development of this project please contact us at info@mysecretsanta.me
How much should I spend on a gift?
Our project is created to bring joy and operates exclusively due to the integrity of all participants. Price and size of gifts doesn't matter, the intentions and feelings behind, value much more.